New and Improved Front Adjustable BakkBall™

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New and Improved Front Adjustable BakkBall™

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The BakkBall™ is a unique device that can give almost instant relief from the pain caused by long hours using handheld devices such as a tablet, smartphone or mouse. Simply swing the ball to your back and lean against a solid stable object such as a wall or a chair. Find the sore spot and begin working out the built up stress.

This BakkBall™ is *FRONT adjustable and can be easily adjusted for the upper or lower back. The lanyard is a high quality braided paracord with a round spring-loaded cord lock.

The BakkBall™ is not a toy and is intended for therapeutic use only.

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  • Note: This BakkBall can also be used as a back adjustable FrontBall however we do not recommend using BakkBalls as FrontBalls. Our R&D department is currently developing a product that will be suitable for use as a back adjustable FrontBall however they have not projected a release date.

2 reviews for New and Improved Front Adjustable BakkBall™

  1. Patrick

    This BakkBall is much easier to adjust and stays in just the right spot until you are ready to work on a different area. It’s not exactly a fashion statement but it kind of looks like you are wearing a Bolo Tie from the front.

  2. Dan Lauer

    I’ve tried every version of this product, and this is my favorite for working at my desk. It’s easy to quickly shift the ball position to target a new tight spot to work on.

    Seriously, SPEND THE MONEY ON THIS AND GIVE IT A TRY. What you’ll save in chiropractic and massage costs make it an easy decision.

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