The Basic BakkBall™

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Basic BakkBall™

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The BakkBall™ is a unique device that can give almost instant relief from the pain caused by long hours using handheld devices such as a tablet, smartphone or mouse. Simply swing the ball to your back and lean against a solid stable object such as a wall or a chair. Find the sore spot and begin working out the built up stress.

This BakkBall™ is not adjustable and can be used with your own personal lanyard (not included) for the upper or lower back. The lanyard loop is a high quality braided paracord.

The BakkBall™ is not a toy and is intended for therapeutic use only.

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2 reviews for The Basic BakkBall™

  1. Dan Lauer

    Unless you plan to use this as a Christmas tree ornament, get the lanyard with the swivel clip. This is the best version for blissing out against a wall. Just roll the thing around to your heart’s content…NO TANGLES.

  2. Deb Mgee

    It’s just a tennis ball.

    • admin

      Yes but not just any tennis ball. It’s on a string or a lanyard that allows you to get it to just the right spot without having to turn yourself into a pretzel or lay on the floor. Excellent for long road trips as well

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